Time is money. We have heard it multiple times. It surely is, not in a notional sense but also in physical sense. You may now be wondering how can 1 Rupee note be of value of 10000 in 50 years now. Lets not see it on face value, however you give it time for another 1000 years, it may become an artifact and vintage item to be kept in museum and you may actually get fortunes with the artifact you hold for much value rather than face value.
But let’s not get into the value of vintage items which are worth fortunes and where you may need to take another birth to enjoy the pleasure of the same. Let’s understand how you can enjoy the power of compounding with certain investments so that time gives you the money in this birth cycle.
Lets go back to school days where finding principle interest was much simpler than finding compound value interest. Recent studies on WIPRO Share price delivering 715 Cr INR from mere 10,000 INR in a span of 40 years is a classic example of how compounding & time value works.
Check the magic yourself. Keep increasing the timeframe only. Keep interest rate and investment amount same & see yourself the power of compounding.
In simple terms , compounding means giving you a “Loyality Card Bonus” for just being by its side. So thereby , you receive bonus on investment and then bonus on (Principle + investment ) and so on.
Understand the feasible options to give maximum ROI on your investments by our financial experts. Give us a call or leave a query to understand more about power of compounding and how can it work magic for your wealth.